Slashed open in return for my healing.

The year Two-thousand-sixteen is history. laid aside like a well read piece of literature. I’ve been reflecting on those 366 days [ last year was a leap year right???] and struggling with letting go.

Maybe because for perhaps the first time in my life i have no well-marked agenda for this next year. Dreams, yes. Hopes, of course. Ideas, most definitely so. but really no high-sounding vision of things i will accomplish this year.

Just to “know God. and make Him known.”

Technically this was supposed to be one of those really amazing, end of year, recap kind of blog posts in which i would recount numerous cool stories and introduce you to people i was privileged to meet and books i happily skimmed through and mountains i climbed.

But what is really burning deep in my heart is what’s happening right this very minute. Tonight.

Tonight we can scroll through our facebook feeds and shed a few tears over the Refugees in Greece who are freezing.
We go to bed and sleep soundly because we are so far removed from the situation in Italy and Syria and we feel helpless. well, we console ourselves, i really WOULD do something if they were like, my next door neighbors. 

And it’s true, we probably would.

Tonight there are people in our neighborhoods, people in our youth groups, people in our own families even, who are dying on the inside and no one notices.
Or, if we do notice that something is wrong, we politely keep our mouths shut. I sure would hate to be nosy you know….  and besides, i’m not a counselor.  dscn0998

Tonight is the time for our generation..[ good morning millenials ] to look into the eyes of bruised souls. To notice the scars and and the anorexia. The desperation in the eyes we glance into as we hurry on our busy little ways. The tough exteriors, pretending to exude confidence, but underneath are crushed souls aching for Redemption.

Tonight is the time to forget the way we held onto comfort in the past, and to reach forward to the things God has given us to do. and to do so with all our energies and the boldness of lions.

Our generation and specifically the Christian world i grew up in has gained expertise at doing what it takes to ‘get by’. Of dressing correctly and not doing anything to cause too many ripples. But we all know that deep down we are as sinful as everyone else.
We have known anorexia and homicidal thoughts. We cave in to fear of all kinds and self harming. We struggle with homosexual urges and alcoholic addictions. We even wonder sometimes, if God is actually real. dscn9599

Obviously this is an intensely gigantic subject.

I’d just like to beg you, look to Jesus Christ.

I know personally the desperation. the struggle. the empty ache in the pit of your stomach. the hurt and the delusionment.

I also know the freedom that the power of Jesus brings. If you are struggling with these issues, Come to Jesus.

Tonight, children of God, there is someone who needs to see the power of God in your life. Ask Him to break your heart with the things that are breaking His heart. He will do so. It will be painful. I beg you. Tonight there are people with scarred arms and also scarred hearts who need us to be awake and standing in the gap. Its in these moments that all our knowledge of the Bible is really worthless unless the Holy Spirit is living deep inside of you. us. me.

These [ insert the sins our generation is dealing with ] will not come out but by prayer and fasting. cropped-dscn8162.jpg

Tonight are you willing to stand in the gap for whoever God places on your heart?
Maybe it is a refugee in Italy.
But maybe it is someone much closer. Maybe  your child. Your brother. The girl who seemed distant at youth group tonight.

{Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin. Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby you have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will you die……for I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, says the Lord God: wherefore turn yourselves, and live.  } Eze. 18 

and finally, remember that Jesus was pierced, His skin ripped open, for you. and He loved you right to His very last breath. Remember that He’s ALIVE again and that He still loves you just as fervently.


3 thoughts on “Slashed open in return for my healing.

  1. So true. We want to go, serve in the foreign field and ignore the ones right in front of us. Yeah, Teresa – this gets personal for me ! Lay aside my dreams to go, to instead stay here … in this tiny little town, in this weird state, doing things that don’t seem glamorous at all. But if this is where I’m called than this is where I’ll serve. Serving my generation… the ones that are dying right in front of my eyes. Maybe girls in my youth group, family, or community.
    Thanks for this !


  2. Amen… Blessings to you dear girl! A fellow soldier… Kristi​

    On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 1:22 AM, finding His strength in my weakness wrote:

    > Teresa posted: “The year Two-thousand-sixteen is history. laid aside like > a well read piece of literature. I’ve been reflecting on those 366 days [ > last year was a leap year right???] and struggling with letting go. Maybe > because for perhaps the first time in my life i ” >


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