may their feet not get blistered.

“Once upon a day a man asked his leader about the Judgement day. The leader gathered a group of people and gave each of them a certain amount of money. The first man received $100, and every person in turn received a little less. Finally he gave a dollar to the man who had asked the original question.
They were told to spend said money however they pleased, but to keep a record of what was bought.

The next day the whole group reaasembled at the local bread ovens.

Mr Leader-man had each man, beginning with the one who’d been given $100, stand on top of the oven and recite the things he had acquired with his money.
The first man began to recite until finally the heat became unbearable and he jumped off of the oven with blistered feet.
On down the line they went. The men who’d been given only 20 and 30 dollars had a much easier time as they shared about the things they did with their money; still, their feet were painfully burned.
Finally the man who’d only had $1 to spend climbed onto the top of the oven.
He had $1 to account for and then he jumped, blisterless, away from the heat.
“this, is what Judgement day will be like,” said the Leader to his followers.”

My friend AJ recited this story tonight, just before he said goodbye. We had been talking about how God desires a relationship with us, and now he wanted to impress on me one last thought.

As he finished his story, I suddenly felt a tremendous amount of extreme gratitude bubbling up in the deepest parts of my heart.

I glimpsed a picture of Jesus, standing in my place in front of the throne of God.

When I stand before the throne of God, and the Creator of 7+ billion humans turns to ask how I, Teresa Coblentz, spent my life, I will not get blistered feet because all I will do is point to Jesus.
I will not have to stand on an oven to answer for each one of my millions of sins.
I will not have to prove that I did enough good deeds to cover up my selfish nature.

When I stand before the throne of God, and the Creator of life and love and beauty turns to look at my feeble life, He will see Jesus. Not me.

The good news of Jesus is that simple.


After i explained to him why i will not have to try to justify myself on Judgement day, he nodded, smiled, and, with a few “Insha’Allahs” stepped into the night with his beautiful wife and two little daughters.

Please pray for AJ and his family tonight. Pray that they would find Jesus to be their Life. DSCN0810


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