oh Aaliyah.

I looked into your eyes and loved you. I loved you even though for so many weeks you mostly just smiled and answered- briefly- my random questions about your life. I prayed that God would open your heart to His love, and I noticed how you were beginning to thaw. You promised to talk sometime, and we prayed that Jesus would set you free and heal your torn heart.

Then your birthday weekend. You wanted to go watch Boss Baby together and we did, and enjoyed it, not because Boss Baby was great, but because I got to ride the whole way to Lynchburg with you, and…you talked.

about yourself. Your past. Your feelings. The things that tumble and stir deep in your heart.

We ate greasy popcorn together together in the theater and blinked as we emerged into the bright sunlight once more.

I dropped in after school that next week with your birthday chocolate, never expecting that you’d be gone several days later. Never expecting that you’d disappear into the muddled confines of the overtaxed foster system. Not dreaming that i probably wouldn’t see you again.

Today i’m thinking about you Aaliyah. I’m wondering what the new mother is like, and how the boys at the new school treat you. I wonder if anyone will look at you and see a girl who has been hurt so deeply that she doesn’t know how to be open to love anymore. I wonder if anyone will hug you with only pure motives. I wonder if you’ll ever have a forever home.  I wonder if there are women in your new town who will see you and extend the love of God to you. I wonder if those women realize they may only have one chance. Maybe one day . One month. Maybe even a year. I pray they would intentionally use those moments. I pray that you would remember the love, the truth, and the purity you saw once upon a time, and you would want Jesus . With all your heart.

I pray that when we stand before the throne of our God, you would be there too, with unhindered Joy in your eyes and waving a palm branch high above your head – worshiping the One who defeated hell and death and sin- for you. 1482172994890_4863101569_f5e88638

May none of us ever ever be guilty of wasting that one chance we’re given. We think we have tomorrow..or next month. But we don’t know. Maybe we only have… NOW. 

 I would trade all the visas in the world for the sake of living every moment in the powerful Love of my God. 


2 thoughts on “oh Aaliyah.

  1. The timing for this is perfect Teresa… inspires me to pour myself out more to be little “Aaliyah” in our life now.


  2. I am crying… it hurts so bad, but it is true. Painfully true right now! “Is it worth it???” That is not the question… Its “Is Jesus worthy?” and yes, He is, every time! Living day by day, touching these lives while we can! Kristi

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