7 cats and a ticket.

People often walk up to me and ask questions like “SOO where ya going next?” or “any trips planned?” or, now that i’ve been in Virginia quite a while–“so Teresa…you settling down in Virginia now?” {wink wink}

Usually i want to crunch myself into a little beetle underneath the kitchen sink, because living so…… openly, makes me realize what a shy person i really am. Or maybe its simply the fact that i’m human and a lot of us have trained ourselves not to be vulnerable. Whatever the case, I’m committed to living an honest life by the grace of God….. so may everyone with me continue to bear with all the disjointed little parts of my life.

My life honestly isn’t all about traveling or talking with Russians at airports or climbing foreign mountains– even though itย has included some of that.

Basically, somewhere between my 14th birthday and my 20th birthday, God asked me if was willing to trust Him to every extent. With my finances. With my dreams. With my husband {or the lack of one=) }. With my vehicles. With my health. With my safety. With people in authority over me, who have the power to greatly affect the course of my future. just everything really.

Sometimes He gives me opportunities to learn these lessons in other cultures, speaking other languages. But mostly the lessons are learned in “normal” life, the unromantic moments we all have that never make their way into Instagram or The New York Times.

So far the past week had plenty of those. When i told God i’d be willing to follow Him into the depth of any slum, i didn’t imagine that He’d ask me to vacuum the fur balls from 7 cats and 2 dogs every week. When i imagined myself loving people at risk to my own health, i didn’t plan to spend hours mopping a Virginian hillbilly house filled with smoke and shooing Charlie-the-cat out of the tuna casserole. When i started praying for Arabs i didn’t imagine driving hours every week just to do flashcards.

We’ve all had moments when we wonder whether complete sacrifice is worth it. Whether giving up alllll our rights will truly make a difference in the world. I’d be thrilled if my life were to bless someone else’s life. But what really matters is whether or not i am in God’s perfect will for me. Am i flying about attempting to do great works for my own feeling of self-worth, or am i giving my every minute to whatever He asks from me. Sometimes He asks me to do cleaning jobs for the sake of the little lady who can’t get out of bed. Sometimes His will is to stay home and study with my sisters.



And occasionally He brings things that make absolutely no sense in the present. This morning i had planned to do diagnostic tests on Andrew and Lana to determine their proper grades for this school year. On my way there i swung in at Mr Taylor’s mechanic shop to switch out my car for the one i’m borrowing while he does my oil change and inspection. I pulled onto the 29 in my carefree, lets-get-there-already way and as i tried to figure out where all the controls were in the loaned car, forgot to carefully watch the mirrors until i suddenly noticed the road i wanted was just ahead. Somehow in the process of turning left, my car sideswiped a shiny red truck, whom i hadn’t noticed until it was too late to think logically. The big burly-but-civil man wanted to call the police and get everything written out as an accident, even though there were only minimal scratches on the side of his bumper. We parked. He called. and i apologized profusely.

They forgave me but the policeman wrote my very first ticket and when he brought my license, asked if i know some Dalen Coblentz who apparently is a buddy of his cuz they took training together. I had thoughts like..”maybe you could forget about giving me a ticket because..your friend is probably my relative..etc etc etc.” But i tried to be gracious and saved my tears for later.

Moral of that story is that i don’t know all the reasons for everything that happens to me. Obviously i do dumb things sometimes that have hard consequences but it’s okay because none of us are infallible and its needful that we remember.

But the things to be grateful for are many. Today a student told me that i mean a lot to her, and that was basically a blast of cozy sunshine. I’m also thankful that i didn’t break the leg of the burly man in the shiny red truck.. or even his nose or anything like that. I’m thankful that God knew yesterday that He was going to use a ticket to humble me today. I’m thankful that, despite my human-ness, my Creator wants to live inside of me.



Ps. Andrew and Lana did well on the diagnostic tests and i hope i’ll get to watch them graduate. Pray that trucks would stay out of my path and that I could get night jobs to pay off my next trip. ๐Ÿ˜€


2 thoughts on “7 cats and a ticket.

  1. Thank God someone sees the value of sweeping up cat hair, pettin old dogs, making beds for “little ole ladies”, tutoring teenagers who are establishing their eternal destiny, realizing that Virginia residents will go to HELL if they do not have JESUS. Often the way to someone’s soul is best seen through a lens covered with cat hair ๐Ÿ™‚
    God Bless You
    Freeman Miller

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