the girl behind the pen

I am honored that someone would dare take a moment to come here. here where I struggle with words and find them incapable of adequately describing the journey God has called me too.

this blog is not about me. but about the Lord of my life. and the way that He leads me. through deserts. into slippery valleys. across chilling slopes. to the edges of the pounding sea. Sometimes I feel like im losing my way. I can’t FEEL Him. yet He is always right here.

waiting for me to open my heart to His perfect plan.13441852_197234940671847_2086671082_o



waiting for me to let go of all my frenzied plans and selfish motives.

waiting for me to say with all my heart, ” not my will. but YOURS. “DSCN0977

He comes. breathes LIFE into my soul. I stand forever in awe of His grace.13493336_893657037423955_42690626_o


may you be encouraged and challenged with me as we both grow and learn and live our lives with passion.

also, I’m thankful for airplanes and books, coffee and new languages and ooohhh.. for PEOPLE.



One thought on “the girl behind the pen

  1. I am forever grateful for the inspiration you are to me.. for the life Jesus lives through you. (even tho it means I can’t go wherever you do)
    Also for the fact that he made you my big sister. 💛


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