7 cats and a ticket.

People often walk up to me and ask questions like "SOO where ya going next?" or "any trips planned?" or, now that i've been in Virginia quite a while--"so Teresa...you settling down in Virginia now?" {wink wink} Usually i want to crunch myself into a little beetle underneath the kitchen sink, because living so...... openly, … Continue reading 7 cats and a ticket.


caffeinated in Liberia…

2:36 in da morning has me awake, listening to the rain which has been pouring steadily for hours now. It may be the violently itchy ant + mosquito bites that woke me, or simply the fact that I drank three quarters of a mug of black tea just before bed. Visiting Liberia has been an … Continue reading caffeinated in Liberia…

oh Aaliyah.

I looked into your eyes and loved you. I loved you even though for so many weeks you mostly just smiled and answered- briefly- my random questions about your life. I prayed that God would open your heart to His love, and I noticed how you were beginning to thaw. You promised to talk sometime, … Continue reading oh Aaliyah.