When Single Women are Radiant

“I always thought she was such a nice girl. I wonder why she's not married?” In the past four years I have heard multiple variations of this question. Of course, by saying this, we intend mostly to compliment the single woman, But it's implications are more often hinting darkly at our mythical belief that the … Continue reading When Single Women are Radiant

Scabies for Jesus

I thought the little bumpy things on my arms were just a chemical reaction to something new I'd used on my skin. But when they lasted several weeks after I returned from Serbia, and they became itchier, I remembered one day with a start that we had noticed Scabies scars on a close friend from … Continue reading Scabies for Jesus

How short term missions trips can actually be God-directed. 

I was already late for work when my travel mug tipped from it's precarious position and precious latte spurted out over my phone screen, soaked into my wallet, and ran in a little stream across the passenger seat. Today the sky over the mountains was a deep greyish blue and the metal on Soloman's roof … Continue reading How short term missions trips can actually be God-directed.